2021 iFLYTEK dual screen translator Translator Real-time language translation travel intelligence pocket translator pk iFLYTEK 3.0 Easytrans

iFLYTEK dual screen translator Translator

     The size is smaller than ordinary mobile phones, and the measurements are 125.7x59x13mm

Support 83 languages voice translation, 32 languages photo translation, translation languages covering nearly 200 countries and regions around the world

It is worth mentioning that the iFLYTEK dual-screen translator supports the linkage function with the computer, and can be screened to other devices, including TVs, projections, etc., providing more possibilities for application translation scenarios

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    Quality assurance:

    1. 100% genuine product guarantee, if there is fake product, 10 times compensation!

    2. If you have any quality problem, please contact us within 7 days for free return.


    Please noted that the operating system already upgrade,now it's supports Chinese,English language on UI.

    The world's 60 major languages can be translated into each other! Like English and Korean! French and Spanish, Russian and English!


    Networking method: SIM card, WIFI, hotspot

    Productsize: 145 * 52.6 * 12.5 mm

    Front Screen size: 4.1 inch IPS touch screen
    Vice Screen size:2.2inch IPS touch screen

    Camera:13MP FHD camera

    Battery capacity: 2380 mAh

    Processor: 8 cores

    Powersupply: DC 5V / 2A



    SOS: Support

    Package Contents:

    Voice Translator x1

    Charging Cable x1

    Adapter x1

    Protective Case x1

    User Manual x1

    H88e431a2708d432e96558db4bfc3054eK.jpeg (789×2060)

    H538afcca2f2c4022838ee9e76fc92651d.jpeg (789×1370)

    Hb6a9ed26b9d9436cb8a304a95bee5bccd.jpeg (789×1511)

    H00acc7cf37554b15a1965d389aa6f3bd0.jpeg (789×1259)

    Hca35e0edd23c4fd0a67726c3346b8041Q.jpeg (789×1161)

    H06c7e671b9f74f26a4d8491af66ca115m.jpeg (789×1332)

    H192db334a70b44329fc0820e1c47969aM.jpeg (789×1263)

    Hd8dcd43f70c64fbcb21582ca5c70127ep.jpeg (789×1231)

    H2355c033a6c441419b1bfce044512e9bJ.jpeg (789×2033)

    Hf9ee2f16a84345c898914f2c0856654eb.jpeg (789×1726)

    H86f8e8d6239a4f8785d60809f62527a1p.jpeg (789×1511)

    H626f6f182bff40d5a16bffa3f891d03fN.jpeg (789×1959)

    Hecc357ccaf804180aa95a0d9add13de45.jpeg (789×2052)

    H424b39742ecb460ab317357f76f0f01cz.jpeg (789×1910)


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