PS-LX310BT vinyl record player supports RCA connection and Bluetooth wireless transmission, easily enjoy the wonderful sound quality of vinyl, automatic playback function,

Sony PS-LX310BT

It is a stereo record player equipped with a Bluetooth (R) function and a USB output terminal, in addition to abundant basic performance for easily enjoying analog records
You can enjoy the sound of records wirelessly by connecting to Bluetooth (R) compatible wireless speakers / soundbars / headphones, etc.
Simply press the START button to connect to a paired device and automatically stop record playback (auto start, auto return, auto stop).
Equipped with a USB terminal on the back of this unit. Record playback sound can be recorded digitally by connecting to a personal computer (2ch 44.1kHz, 48kHz / 16bit)
Equipped with a gain select function that can adjust the output volume in three stages of LOW, MID, and HIGH according to the audio level of the record and your preference.
Newly designed high-rigidity aluminum tone arm realizes stable tracing performance, clear mid-high range, and powerful low range
Fully automatic player with built-in phono equalizer. Can be connected to a stereo system that does not have a phono equalizer with LINE output
Aluminum die-cast platter with a good balance of strength and weight is used for the platter (drive system is belt drive mechanism)
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    Sony PS-LX310BT

    Relive the classics of the timeless vinyl experience with the benefit of simple controls and stable BLUETOOTH® connectivity. The PS-LX310BT record player lets you can enjoy clear, natural sound that will take you back in time.


    *Our electrical appliances are fitted with Australian electrical plugs designed to be operated on 220-240V, 50Hz power supply. You may use this product overseas by using an adaptor and may need a step down transformer.

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