HUAWEI Sound X Smart Speaker (Platinum Edition) Dewar 60W Dual Subwoofer Hi-Res Lossless Sound Quality One Touch Sound Transmission Smart Space Perception Vibration Balance Technology Massive Sound Source Rich Content

New HUAWEI Sound X Speakers 360 Degree Surround

Mobile phone speakers, the sound is transmitted at the touch of a touch, no need to pair, convenient to experience music, audiobooks, massive audio sources, rich...Sound quality: Deware dual subwoofer Smart: One touch sound transmission, smooth connection appearance: Symphony streamer, exquisite and elegan


Dimensions: huawei sound x Weight: About 3.5 kg huawei sound Weight: About 2.2 kg





  • Item No.HUAWEI Sound X
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    HUAWEI Sound X Devialet Sound Bluetooth Speaker

    Product Details
    165 mm (D) x 203 mm (H)
    About 3.5 kg
    Frequency Response
    40 hz - 40 Khz
    HUAWEI Sound, 360°Surround
    Speaker Diameter
    2 of woofers
    6 of full-range speakers
    Packing List
    1) HUAWEI Sound X x 1
    2)Power Adapter&cable x 1
    3)User Guide x 1
    4)Wiper x 1
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    Refined and stylish

    With its sleek build, touch-sensitive buttons and glazed surface, HUAWEI Sound X is pleasing to the touch, the eye, and the ears.
    Its unique design gives you a window onto the subwoofers, so you can see the bass surging as you hear and feel it.
    The buttons are ringed with colorful lights which flow and change in time to the beat, perfect for adding a little mood to your tunes.




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