Original Huawei WiFi WS5200 Pro Wireless Router Extender WiFi Network Repetidor Access 5G Dual Frequency Intelligent Wireless Highway Home Router
205 mm x 120 mm x 36.8 mm
WAN: One 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet port
LAN: Four 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
WLAN Feature
802.11ac 2 x 2 & 802.11n 2 x 2 MU-MIMO, 1167 Mbps
H button for one-key pairing and WPS compatible;
Independent Reset
Anti-brute force algorithms, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Wi-Fi encryption, firewall, DMZ, PAP / CHAP, DoS attack protection
802.11v & 802.11s protocol, PPPoE / DHCP / static IP address WAN connection methods, Wi-Fi timer, guest Wi-Fi, device speed
limiting, MAC address filter, parental control, VPN pass through, DMZ / virtual server
Power specifications
12 V DC, 1 A; consumption < 12 W
HUAWEI smarthome App
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    HUAWEI Wi-Fi WS5200

    What is "true dual frequency"? 1, dual frequency integration, support 5G optimization;You can surf the Internet quickly when you are near.

    2, support the LDPC weak signal correction method, the partition is also relatively fast;

    3,Adopting the second-generation AC multi-device transceiver technology, the number of people is still fast.

    WS5200 Extender Specification

    Channels: 1-13 (automatic channel selection can only select 1, 6, 11). The channels supported by 5G are: 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 149,

    153, 157, and 161. Among them, the channels below 149 are newly opened in China. Choosing these channels may cause some old wireless terminal devices to be unable to connect.


    Support for Wi-Fi access control. One-click kicking off the network equipment to ensure home network security. Wi-Fi is available for guests.

    Exclusive Wi-Fi is available for visitors. Guests can access the Internet via dedicated Wi-Fi, but they cannot manage routers or access other

    devices on the home network to ensure home network and privacy. Support for hiding Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is hidden, wireless devices such as

    computers and mobile phones will not be able to search for Wi-Fi on the router. The wireless device must manually enter the correct Wi-Fi

    name when connecting to this Wi-Fi. This will enhance the security of Wi-Fi to a certain extent. Bind the IP address of the device to the MAC

    address and bind the IP address of the computer to the MAC address to prevent ARP attacks. After binding, the computer IP address has a one-to-one correspondence with the MAC address. Others cannot steal computer IP addresses through ARP attacks.

    Built-in firewall to support DoS/ARP attack protection. All communication data between the Internet and the home network is scanned by the firewall, which can effectively protect the network.

    Support for the DMZ exposes the computer set up as a DMZ host to the Internet, but other devices are still protected by the firewall. For

    example, when setting up a server, you can set up a computer that needs to provide external services as a DMZ host to ensure the security of other computers in the home while providing services to the Internet.

    Automatically identify malicious websites to prevent mis-visiting false transactions, fraud, anti-counterfeiting, web pages containing Trojan viruses, and illegal and illegal web pages to ensure users' online security.

    basic skills

    Support Huawei Smart Home App Remote Management

    Support user management

    Supports three WiFi modes: wall-to-wall, standard, and sleep

    Support guest WiFi

    Support WiFi timing off support

    MAC address filtering Child Internet protection; VPN transparent transmission; virtual server

    HUAWEI Wi-Fi WS5200

    AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Router

    5GHz Wi-Fi Preferred/11AC MU-MIMO

    LDPC Algorithm/Full GE Design

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