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Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector TV 4K 1S

  • Support 4K(3840*2160 Resolution) image, 3000:1 native contrast ratio, HDR10 decoding.
  • Ultra short-focus, only 24cm from the wall to cast 80 inches -150 inches. large screen.
  • Use ALPD 3.0 display technology to make the characters more natural and fresh.
  • Support dual full-frequency & dual high-frequency sound system as well as Dolby Virtual Surround.
  • Real-time temperature control fan, intelligent cooling


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    OriginalXiaomi Mijia Laser Projector TV 4K 1S



    ● 4K ultra-clear picture, TI DLP digital light processing technology, dynamic image HDR10 decoding, wide color gamut distribution, richer colors
    ● 100+ inch super giant screen, super large projection size, your home is your private theater.
    ● Ultra-short focus, 0.233:1 throw ratio, the body can project a 100-inch super-large screen with only 24cm away from the wall without wiring.
    ● ALPD® 3.0, cinema-level laser light source technology, makes the colors of characters more natural and vivid.
    ● The picture is real and vivid, with 3000:1 contrast ratio, which makes the picture more delicate and vivid.
    ● High-fidelity audio, DOLBY AUDIO, DTS-HD, dual full-frequency dual high-frequency, powerful Dolby virtual surround and vocal enhancement technology, let your voice be on the scene.
    ● 2000 ANSI lumen, which is 30% higher than the 4K overall brightness of Xiaomi Mijia laser projector, and the wonderful pictures are still clear under the daytime ambient light.

    Basic information and functions

    Product name: Mijia Laser Projection TV 4K 1S
    Product model: MJJGTYDS04FM
    Product size: 410mm x 291mm x 88mm (host)
    Product weight: 7 kg
    Product color: metallic gray

    Optical parameters

    Display technology: 0.47" DMD
    Light source technology: ALPD 3.0
    Standard resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
    Brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens (about 6500 lumens)

    Projection parameter

    Lens focus: electric focus
    Throw ratio (TR): 0.233
    Recommended screen size: 80" -150"
    Lens focus: electric focus
    Keystone correction: vertical keystone correction
    3D: Not supported
    Screen ratio: 16:9
    Native contrast ratio: 3000:1
    The best projection distance: 14cm-54cm
    Lamp life: 25000 hours and above
    Noise: <32dB
    Working voltage: 200-240V/50-60Hz
    WIFI: support
    Bluetooth: Support

    System parameters

    CPU: T968-H
    RAM: 2GB DDR3
    Built-in storage: 16GB eMMC high-speed flash memory

    system software

    Operating system: PatchWall (Android system)
    Compatibility: Xiaomi TV player components
    Audio and video wireless transmission: Mi TV Wi-Fi module
    Dynamic image support: HDR 10

    packing list

    Mijia Laser Projection TV 4K*1
    Remote control*1
    Power cord*1
    Wiping cloth*1
    Manual *1

    4K ultra-clear image quality, a feast for the visual senses

    The picture resolution has reached an amazing 4K, native contrast ratio of 3000:1, coupled with HDR10 decoding, better supports the presentation of high dynamic range pictures, wide color gamut distribution, and richer colors.

    Brightness increased again, without fear of ambient light

    Mijia Laser Projection TV 1S 4K is upgraded with a new integrated design optical machine. Compared with the previous generation product (Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector 4K), the overall brightness is increased by 30%, and the average screen brightness reaches 2000 ANSI lumens, which is wonderful under daytime ambient light. The painting is still clear.

    ALPD3.0 display technology, more vivid colors

    The domestic laser theaters generally use the ALPD laser fluorescent display technology of Guangfeng Technology to make the colors of the characters more natural and vivid. With the careful adjustment of ISF certified engineers, the color reproduction deviation is ≤ 2.9, which makes the color performance more realistic.

    Ultra short focal lens design

    Using 0.233:1 large depth of field ultra-short focal lens design, the body only needs 24cm away from the wall to project a 100-inch super-large picture. No wiring troubles, no indoor space, bid farewell to screen occlusion.

    80-150 inch huge picture

    Mijia Laser Projection TV 1S 4K can project a large screen of up to 80-150 inches by directly placing it in the TV cabinet. Home is a private cinema

    If you look at it, look at it with confidence

    There are 1 anti-direct-view sensors on both sides of the lens. When a person approaches, the projection brightness is automatically reduced to the minimum to prevent the laser light source from directing human eyes. The projection image is imaged by the principle of reflection, which effectively reduces the radiation and visual fatigue to the human eye.

    Dual full frequency + dual high frequency sound system

    Exclusive customized high-fidelity audio system brings a wider stereo sound quality. With the unique design of speaker inverter tube, the sound is more surging.

    More real, more immersive

    Through the powerful Dolby virtual surround and vocal enhancement technology, you will be completely immersed in the embrace of three-dimensional sound and experience the immersive feeling of being on the scene.

    25000+ hours long light source life

    The service life of the light source reaches more than 25,000 hours. It can be used for 4 hours a day and can be used for about 17 years.

    Rich interfaces, one-click projection

    3 HDM2.0b ports, fully meet your 4K entertainment needs, hard disk players, U disks, game consoles, computers, TV boxes, speakers, everything can be connected. No third-party projection software is required. Playing mobile games, viewing photos, and displaying office documents on the big screen is easy with one click.

    Smart fan, real-time temperature control

    System-level temperature monitoring, automatic adjustment of fan power, and high-brightness mode can still maintain low noise operation*. Each module is designed with a special air outlet channel to optimize the airflow direction between the modules, quickly and efficiently send out the heat of the whole machine, and effectively extend the service life of the whole machine.

    Fully customized hardware system, lighter weight

    Adopting a fully customized modular hardware system, clever use of internal space, tightly arranged rules, reasonable optimization of space, and no space in the home. At the same time, the weight of the whole machine is also reduced to 7kg.

    Advanced metallic gray, more refined

    The shell is made of sandblasted PC material, no fingerprints are left, and the sense of high quality is always maintained. It adopts a square design, the size of a 15-inch notebook, and the corners are rounded to ensure the safety of children.


    -It is the Chinese version. support Chinese and English. we can help our customer change the language to be English interface,and also help install some video apps.(need open the box ,please know that) . We must explain to you that the projector language is not 100% English, some pre-install app can't change to be English, but does not affect the normal use, is still the English interface. please confirm it clearly before place order.












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