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Why we accept (Western Union) advantage

Why we accept (Western Union) advantage
Western Union is the world’s leading express remittance company, has 150 years of history, it has the world’s largest and most advanced electronic exchange financial network, nearly 200 countries and around the world Regional customers with high reliability
5 Star Benefits Fast, secure, convenient, efficient and reliable: Western Union is the world’s leading professional remittance industry

Information for Western Union:
Last name:   KANG )
TEL: + 86- 13986307982

When you finish (Western Union) after payment. Please let us know the following information This is very important

(1) the name of the remitter
(2) the country of the sender
(3) remittance of the currency and the approximate amount
(4) MTCN, this is the most important. Once we confirm the funds. We will deliver goods within 72 hours for you

Thank you in our shop buy
1. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, I wish you a happy life, Zhuqin happy shopping, happy life.

 I wish all the customers to thank you for your long – term support and love, we have to do with you better! Thank you for your confidence in our store products, and support Thank you!

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Dear master. I ride the shuttle has arrived in your country. We look forward to meeting you at the moment. Please keep the phone open. To prepare the goods! We promise all order shipment we arranged 72 hours


You wait your heart of love in the house parcel oh. Kiss, your package miles travelling ~ dash away to your hands

Post time: 02-10-2017