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Why we accept MoneyGram advantage

Why we accept MoneyGram advantage
1, remittance speed
2, the cost is relatively low
3, the procedure is simple
      best choice

About MoneyGram
MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative remittance services and a globally recognized financial business that connects friends and family. Whether it’s online finance, or through mobile devices, self-service terminals, and always provide customers with a convenient money transfer business For more information on MoneyGram please click moneygram.com. We accept single item and other products, up to USD $ 10000

When you pay in the goods page through MoneyGram to complete
Please provide us with the following information. Our financial room to confirm your products after we promise to ship within 72 hours,

When you complete your order payment, please send us the following information
(1) Reference number
(2) Sender’s first name
(3) sender’s surname

Our Commitment to Our Customers.
1. When we receive your payment, we will send you a thank you message
2. We will send the photo to you before shipping
3. After the operation of the logistics company, we will send you the tracking number to synchronize the order background to facilitate your tracking

 I wish all the customers to thank you for your long – term support and love, we have to do with you better! Thank you for your confidence in our store products, and support Thank you!

Post time: 02-09-2017